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If you like the idea of buying and sell goods then it is possible to own
a shop.  Freyburg townhall is the home to the mud's merchant guild where you 
may buy and sell shops.  The purchase price of shops can be quite high, 
however, if you decide to sell the shop back to the guild you will receive
50% of the initial purchase price.  As well as a purchase price, you will 
also be expected to pay a monthly fee for the upkeep of the shop which is
payable 30 days
   When you have purchased a shop, you may name it, put items in it to sell
as well as control if the shop will purchase items from other travellers.
You may also hire staff and assign them ranks giving each individuals
privileges and responsibilities.  The shop you purchase is controlled via
the manage command which can only be used when you are standing in your
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