A multi-themed online text adventure

shout noshout

Syntax: shout <text>
Syntax: shout *<social>
Syntax: noshout

Shout is no global channel in the sense of e.g. GOSSIP. Instead only people
that are 'geographically near' to you can hear it. Shouting does not keep
a history of channel traffic.

Use shout followed by your message to shout at people in your zone (basically
who ever appears on WHERE will also hear your message). If your message
consists of an asterisk followed immediately by the name of a social, the
text from the social (no targetting!) is shouted instead. Using noshout, you
can turn off that channel.

> shout Lord Thador, YOU ARE GOING DOWN!
> shout Uh.. UW is crumbling, get out here, people!
> shout *fear
> noshout
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