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This profession is a variant of the thief profession.

Ninjas have combined thievish skills with the power of black magic. Their
training is specialized in sneaking and hiding, disguises, picking doors or
even moving magically enhanced through areas like dark shadows.

Ninjas have concentrated on the destructive part of magic and often walk
around disguised as magicians or scholars hiding their true face.
They are capable of using pure brute magic to kill foes which are aware to
assassinations but having not a strong physique and not the best defense
ninjas tend to call for reinforcements for strong foes.
Usually ninjas wait for their foes to go to sleep or magically enhance the
slumber of the foe to be able to prepare them with a number of nasty spells
before their victim feels the dagger in the back.
Their training in the perfection of the usage of fireweapons of any form
adds another variation how ninjas kill their foes quickly and effectively.
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