A multi-themed online text adventure

messages editor

When you write on a board, on a note, or mail someone, you enter message
input mode. Everything you then type is added verbatim to a message buffer,
and posted/sent when you exit the input mode with some termination char on
the beginning of a fresh line. Additionally you can invoke editor commands
which begin with a slash (/) and are followed by some control character.
Available commands are as follows:

Editor command formats: /<letter>

/a         -  aborts editor
/c         -  clears buffer
/d#        -  deletes a line # (can also specify range)
/e# <text> -  changes the line at # with <text>
/f         -  formats text
/fi        -  indented formatting of text
/h         -  list text editor commands
/i# <text> -  inserts <text> before line #
/l [range] -  lists buffer
/n [range] -  lists buffer with line numbers
/r 'a' 'b' -  replace 1st occurance of text <a> in buffer with text <b>
/ra 'a' 'b'-  replace all occurances of text <a> within buffer with text <b>
              usage: /r[a] 'pattern' 'replacement'
/s         -  saves text

Where <range> is optional and consists of "<low line> - <high line>"
(space not being significant). You can leave off the <high line> part
which means, "up to the end of message". This will then only execute
the specified command on the given range of lines (low to high).

Ending a message with '@' (aka the good old way (TM)) is equivalent to
using the /s command in the editor.
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