A multi-themed online text adventure


If you own a shop you can use the manage command to give it directives
while standing in the room of the shop.  Usage is as follows:


Brings up a list of the available subcommands.

  manage shopname <name>
Changes the shop name to what you specify, note the name cannot be any more
than 70 characters in length.

  manage status

Shows the current status of the shop, giving information such as bank
balance and the shop's buying policy.

  manage balance
Orders the shopkeeper to inform you of how much money the shop has.

  manage bank

Orders the shop keeper to deposit all the money they have on hand in 
the bank.

  manage deposit <amount>
Deposit an amount of gold in the shop's bank.

  manage withdraw <amount>
Withdraw an amount of gold from the shop's bank.

  manage staff <add|remove|promote|demote> <char>
Without any arguments "manage staff" will shop the current shop staff and 
their respective ranks.  With arguments the command can be used to change
the staff of the shop, and/or promote/demote them as you see fit.  
"manage staff add fred" - Adds fred as a member of staff at the lowest rank.
"manage staff promote fred" - Increases fred's rank hence allowing him more
                              privileges in the shop.
(See help shopranks for an explanation of the rights and privileges of 
 each rank)
  manage set <maxbuy|buybal|buyratio> <value>

Allows the setting of the 3 parameters relating to how the shop will
behave when purchasing items from players. Examples:
"manage set maxbuy 40000"  - Set the maximum purchase price for an item.
"manage set buybal 100000" - Sets the shop's purchasing fun to 100000.
"manage set buyratio 60" - Sets the shop to pay 60% of an item's value.
(See help shopitembuying for a detailed explanation of these paramaters)

  manage price <item no.> <price>
Used to price items in the shop, all items in that particular slot will
be set to the price you specify (price must be >0).
   manage place <item>

Places an item thats in your inventory in the shop for sale.  You may only
place items that comply with the commerce contract of the shop.

   manage remove <item no.>

This command will remove an item from the shop and place it in your
inventory.  It only remove 1 item at a time, and if you remove from a
slot that is unlimited then a new item will be placed in the shop.
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