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experience xp exp

Whenever you kill a monster or a player, you earn experience points. When
enough experience points are earned, you raise a level.
Things you should know about experience points:

  * When damaging a monster, you get experience points (even damaging by 

  * If you kill a monster of higher level than yourself, you get bonus
    experience points. If killing a monster of lower level you'll gain
    less experience points.

  * The maximum kill experience points you get depends on your level. The
    maximum possible exp you can gain is roughly the experience points you
    need for your next level / x, where x rises from 4 at level 1 to 10
    at level 60.

  * You get maximum experience points generally for slaying a monster five
    or more levels above you. You don't get any experience points for killing
    monsters five or more levels below your own.

  * remorted characters gain half experience only.

  * You may also gain experience by solving some autoquests. That is, help
    some mobile in need, find some items, etc.. Let the mobs themselves
    guide you.
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