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Raised in the wastes to the far north, these proud, fierce male beings
possess the strength, honour and loyalty of the wolf as well as the 
intelligence and cunning of humans. Standing upright or running like 
a wolf they are covered all over in a coarse fur. The feral look in
their eyes and with a fang-filled mouth, and a howl to chill the
bravest of hearts make these noble beings a force to be reckoned with.
Wolfen can adapt to any profession but usually tend to physical combat 
rather than magical, although they are close to the spirit world of
Nature. Though many rumors exist about the wolfen physiology, the 
Wolfen do not possess tails and their torso and lower body is physically
the same as a human, with the exception of the thick fur. Their connection
to the equally strange vulpin is unknown although often a wolfen will 
be spotted together with a vulpin. Wolfen rarely dwell in cities and if
necessity drives them in a city they will never stay long.
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