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weapon weapons

There are several categories and types of weapons available; not
every class can use every kind of weapon. For example, clerics are
only allowed to use weapons that do not produce open wounds and
only thieves can use backstab (piercing) weapons. Here is the list:

Category      Type           Classes              Stability
Slash         stinging       WAR THI MAG          average
Slash         whipping           THI MAG          good
Slash         slashing       WAR                  bad
Bludgeon      bludgeoning                CLE      good
Bludgeon      crushing       WAR     MAG CLE      good
Bludgeon      pounding       WAR         CLE      good
Bludgeon      mauling                    CLE      good
Bludgeon      thrashing      WAR         CLE      good
Pierce        piercing           THI (backstab)   bad
Pierce        blasting           THI MAG          average
Pierce        stabbing           THI MAG          bad

You can see the weapon type by using 'identify'.
Remort characters can use all weapon types!

There are also two special kinds of weapon available:
Two-Handed weapons wont allow you to hold things
but deal 20% more damage than the identify says and
throwing weapons can be thrown at the enemy.
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