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Warriors are known to have more strength than the average adventurer. They
are very good at hand-to-hand-combat as they know how to attack faster and
stronger than any other class. Many of the smaller beings are just thrown to
the ground by the skilled warrior so they are unable to hit back. However,
the warriors lack the ability to use magic of any sort, only those who choose
the path of a Paladin or Warlord will be able to use it one day.
The prime stats of a warrior are strength and dexterity. For those who want
to become magic users after level 60, intelligence and wisdom are useful.
Due to the fact that a good bit of the heaviest combat gear makes the
warriors look ugly, charisma can be handy.

After level 60 a warrior can remort into the following classes:
  -  Knight     (Warrior/Warrior)
  -  Fighter    (Warrior/Thief)
  -  Paladin    (Warrior/Cleric)
  -  Warlord    (Warrior/Mage)
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