A multi-themed online text adventure


Thieves are trained in the art of classic thievery including picking locks,
sneaking and hiding. The average thief is weak in close combat compared to
the warrior, they prefer quick assassinations or stabbing an opponent's back
and then retreat from the fight. However, the thieves lack the ability to use
magic of any sort, only those who take the path of a Bard or Ninja will be
able to use it one day.
The prime stats of a thief are strength and dexterity. For those who choose
to become magic users after level 60, intelligence and wisdom are useful. Due
to the fact that a good bit of the lightweight thief gear makes them look
ugly, charisma can be helpful.

After level 60 a thief can remort into the following classes:
  -  Rogue      (Thief/Warrior)
  -  Assassin   (Thief/Thief)
  -  Bard       (Thief/Cleric)
  -  Ninja      (Thief/Mage)

NOTE: stealing from players is not allowed!
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