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This quest had been designed to prove your fighting skills. This
quest is nothing for wimps, nerds, sissies.....
You have to buy the arena-portal at the secretary in Freyburg, hold it,
and once you are ready to fight, use it. You have to go north to enter the
chamber of the Initiator, no need to fight here, just take the key and go
east. From now on it is very easy, once you left the starting room just
try to stay alive. When you killed the last foe you will get a key to
enter the portal of the winner, leave the area down and you will get the
Medallion of survival and an entry on the eternal board of survivors. But
if you die, you will lose all your stuff. You may try it again to get your
stuff back, or someone else can do it for you.
Once you are a Survivor, you cannot do the Quest again.
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