A multi-themed online text adventure

rsay norsay

Syntax: rsay
Syntax: rsay <text>
Syntax: norsay

Rsay (short for "Race Say") is a global in-character communication channel
that only members of your race can decipher. Others will see it, but will
not understand your message. Historically, this has been used by elves to
curse about orcs and vice versa. 

Using rsay without arguments shows you the previous traffic on the channel.
Rsay with an argument broadcasts that argument to everybody on the channel,
showing in clear-text to members of the same race as you are, and as some
babbling in a foreign language to those who are not. Please note that in
contrast to the other channels, sending an social over rsay is NOT supported.

Norsay, finally, toggles your participation on the channel on and off.
You can always check which channels you are listening to by using TOGGLE.

> rsay These orcs drive me crazy! Dumb as a post and stinking like pigs..
> rsay
> norsay
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