A multi-themed online text adventure

mission missions reward

From time to time when you reach a new level you will receive a MISSION flag.
This flag means that you have to fulfil a mission before levelling any 
further and half of all experience you gain will be salved.  You will usually 
receive such a flag at levels 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and level 30 remorted.

Missions are like quests, you mostly will have to explore a certain area to
retrieve an item or some specific knowledge (the system has been established 
in order to make sure that the players know their MUD). Of course, there are 
advantages for you: Once you have fulfilled the mission you will be rewarded 
by e.g. gold, exp, special mission items or practice sessions! 

To receive a mission you should use the PRAY command to contact a god to ask
for one.  If no god is available you may also try writing a mail at a post
office.  You can direct your mail to a specific god or you can write to the
immortal mailbox, eg "mail immortals I need a mission" to request a mission.

Once you have completed your mission, you should again use the PRAY command
to contact a god who will check your mission and give you the reward of your

MISSION RULES (read carefully!!)

-When being assigned a mission, you will be asked questions to assert your
 mud knowledge, it is a matter of honour that you answer honestly.
-Missions are designed to be accomplished on your own, this means that asking
 other players for help or giving help to other players is considered 
-You can find some general hints about missions by reading HELP MISSIONHINTS
-If after genuinely trying your mission you are still stuck, contact a god
 and explain your problem.  You may ask for a new mission after ONE MONTH
 realtime, but only if you've demonstrated to the god concerned that you have
 made a genuine attempt at the mission.

Attention: 2. chars!  Be sure to read HELP 2NDCHARS.  2nd chars are only
entitled to do remort missions only.

The mission reward items are listed on a sign in the mission start
rooms. The remort mission reward items are listed on a plate in the
quest shop.
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