A multi-themed online text adventure


Configure your prompt freely to show your hit points, mana, and/or movement

For the prompt command there are several variables available:
 %h   Displays the current hit points
 %H   Displays the maximum hit points
 %m   Displays the current mana 
 %M   Displays the maximum mana
 %v   Displays the current movement points
 %V   Displays the maximum movement points
 %w   Displays the current state of the enemy (only in fight, autodiagnose)
 %x   Displays the needed experience to reach the next level/degree
 %X   exp gained in your life
 %a   Alignment like displayed in score.
 %A   AFK
 %r   name of room you are in (???? when blinded or darkness)
 %g   gold in hand
 %T   Game Time in X am/pm form
 %W   Game time date: Weekday as word(s)
 %O   Game time date: mOnth as word(s)
 %D   Game time date: Day
 %Y   Game time date: Year
 %k   RL seconds until next tick
 %%   put in an percent char
 %<space>  put in an space if the previous %. wasnt empty
           (occurs to %A and %w)
 all other chars are copied right away

> prompt %h               

  Displays only the Hitpoints without anything else
> prompt %hH %mM %vV %w>  

  Displays (current hits)H (current mana)M (current movement)V 
  (state of enemy in fight)> 
        eg. 748H 319M 143V pretty hurt>
  and when not fighting its: 
            748H 319M 143V >
> prompt %hH %mM %vV %w% >
  Like last one, except that in fight you see an addition space:
      748H 319M 143V pretty hurt >
> prompt %h/%HHits >      

  Displays (current hits)/(maximum hits)Hits > 
  eg. 529/752Hits >

Hint: It might be useful to set the prompt to the default with the command
      'Display all' and then use prompt without variables. Then copy-paste
      the actual prompt and alter it.
See Also: display
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