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practice practise

Practice is the way you improve your spells and skills. You must go to
your guildmaster to let him/her help you improve. Practice what at your
guildmaster will show you which spells/skills he/she teaches and to which

If you type practice, you will see which skills you can improve upon, and
how good you already are at these. The following is a list of skill/spell
levels, in increasing order of perfection: not learned, awful, bad, poor,
average, intermediate, fair, good, very good, superb, magnificent, half
divine, divine. Mortals only ever can reach a level of magnificent.

You can then use practice <skill>, to practice the appropriate skill.
You can only practice a certain amount for each level you gain, and you
do not have to save this, it can be accumulated.

Your physical condition (hunger, thirst, exhaustion, drunkenness) will
influence practicing as well as does intelligence, class and luck....

> prac
> prac what (shows which of your skills the guild teaches for your class)
> prac show (shows which of your skills you can practice/improve NOW)
> prac rescue
> prac "magic missile"
See Also: skills, spells, skill, guild, spell
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