A multi-themed online text adventure

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It is generally not allowed to kill players and steal from them. If you
do so, you will get a (KILLER) or (THIEF) flag which can only be removed
by a God+. See outlaw rules below.
Other players can kill you without getting flagged as long as you are 
flagged (KILLER) or (THIEF).
It is impossible to kill or steal from newbies below level 10 - except in
ARENA rooms. The murder command must be used to attack players if you aren't
an outlaw.

For those of you who like playerkilling and playerthiefing (and if the arena
is not enough for you) we invite you to test a special thrill:
Become an outlaw! Just find the shrine of blood and type outlaw once you
are there. From that moment you will be flagged (outlaw), meaning that you
can kill and steal from other (outlaw)s without getting flagged! Be sure
that your victim actually IS an (outlaw)! 

As an outlaw you can only attack players without getting flagged when
a) your victim is also an outlaw AND
b) your victim is within your level range:
   Level  1 to 20: 5 levels
   Level 21 to 30: 6 levels
   Level 31 to 40: 7 levels
   Level 41 to 60: 8 levels
Attention! Only the level range of the character of lower level counts!
For example, a level 41 player cannot attack a level 33 player, but a 
level 34 player.

An outlaw cannot longer be tracked by another outlaw. Also the cityguards
of the towns will become angry if they see you entering the city.

If you change your mind and you want to become a non-outlaw, you need to
talk to a god+ who will ask you to sacrify something really important to
you. That can be a experience points or a point of your stats. But what you
have to give up will decide the god for you personally. (You can be sure
that you won't like his decision! :-) (same applies to KILLER/THIEF flags)

(hint: ask the master of the guards for the shrine of blood)
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