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Orcs are smelly, fat and ill-tempered beings who are not very smart, but 
they make up for the lack of brains with brute force and sheer power. They
resemble primitive humans with a hairy skin. They have a slightly stooped
posture, a low forehead, and a snout instead of a nose. Orcs were perhaps
once men, but since dark forces ravaged their bodies into their twisted 
bodies, they tend to find that they are outcasted wherever they go.
Extremely aggressive creatures, they believe other species are inferior to 
them and that bullying and slavery is part of the natural order. Orcs 
strive to expand their territory in order to survive. Thus, they thrive
on war and if they cannot find a city to ravish, they will usually have a 
war within their own horde.
Orcs are not particularly intelligent, but they do have an instinctive
aptitude for fighting and thievery. Orcs shamans often are masters in 
destructive magic which they use almost instinctively without any 
comprehension of the powers they use.
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