A multi-themed online text adventure

ooc noooc

Syntax: ooc
Syntax: ooc <text>
Syntax: ooc *social
Syntax: noooc

OOC (meaning 'out of character') is a global channel that all players can 
hear that may be used to talk about non-mud related topics.  Although it is 
an OOC channel, normal mud rules do apply, ie no swearing or inappropriate 

Using ooc without arguments shows you the previous traffic on the channel.
ooc with an argument broadcasts that text to everybody on the channel. If
your text begins with an asterisk followed immediately by the name of a
social, the text from the social is inserted and ooc'd instead (please note
that targetting for socials does not work there, also socials via ooc do
not get recorded into the channel history).

Noooc, finally, toggles your participation on the channel on and off. You
can always check which channels you are listening to by using TOGGLE.

> ooc Seen Bayern Muenchen vs. Manchester United?
> ooc *cry
> ooc yes I did
> ooc
> noooc
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