A multi-themed online text adventure


An Avatar is a high-level mortal player who acts as the hand and word
of the Gods. He has certain responsibilities and rights. The Avatars
help newbies and low-level players and are watching over the realm.
There are 7 Avatars in the realm.

The Avatars are listed on the plate in the Hall of the Avatars north
of the Freyburg Cathedral sanctum together with the Advisors. An Avatar 
may even become an Advisor. You can easily recognize an Avatar from his
or her (Avatar) flag or from the Avatar robe. Only Avatars can use the
rift spell to help players; they are not allowed to abuse it for their
own benefit.

Once a player has finished the level 40 mission he or she may become an
Avatar. In order to do so the Gods have to be asked whether the player
fulfills the criteria for that position. No player has the a priori
RIGHT to become an Avatar - that's the decision of the Gods. Only 
experienced players of good character will become Avatar. Remort chars 
should be level 40 as well to become Avatar.

Avatars are members of the Avatar clan (which is not a normal clan),
Avatars are Veterans. The Avatars have to be online regularly and
for longer time with their Avatar character.
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