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Vampires are evil creatures of the night. They hide in the dark and live 
from the blood of other creatures. Once bitten by a vampire the victim 
will become a vampire itself. Therefore everyone of every race can become
a vampire, although some races are avoided by the vampires for unknown 
reasons. They are physically hurt by direct sunlight and will usually
avoid direct contact. Many tales of how to kill them go around, but 
in effect a vampire is killed the same as any creature. However, they
posses great magical abilities and are physically superior in any way
to their 'alive' counterparts. Their abilities also include turning 
to a mistform in times of trouble, so generally a vampire is not 
that easily killed.


The player race *vampire* is for EXPERIENCED players only.

- Vampires can see in the dark.
- They have exceptionally good stats.
- There are certain skills that only vampires have (alter, celerity, suck).
- Vampires suffer from sunlight when outdoors during daytime.

They live only once - if a vampire dies, he is really DEAD!
The possibility to resurrect the body after death exists; however,
it will cost permanent 10% of each mana, hp, mp as well as two points on
randomly chosen stats.
NOTE: The 10% loss will be calculated from the natural maximum of hits/mana/
      movement, not the actual maximum with equipment
See Also: celerity, races, alter, suck, race
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