A multi-themed online text adventure


Multibay embodies a system of offline auctioning of items. If a player wants
to sell an item via multibay, he brings the item to an auction house, which
takes it into store while the auction is running. Bids for the item(s) can
be set in the auction house, too. Players can specify a maximum bid they are
willing to pay, and the auction house will bid for them while they're away,
up to the maximum. Auctions at multibay run for 10 rl days.
When selling an item, the player can specify a description of the item
he is selling.

If a player wins an auction, he receives a mail notification. After winning
the auction the winning player travels to the auction house to fetch the
item. The seller is given the money earned, minus a little fee for storage.
No matter the selling status, the seller is informed about it at the end
of the auction via mail; when the item was not sold it can be fetched back
against a little fee for storage.

A typical auction house offers an office as well as a lounge with a board.
Players can perform several commands at these places to look at auctions
running, perform bids, remove items from auctions etc.

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At the office:

commands -- or --
    The usage as a short reminder

sell <item> [<minbid>] <category> -- or --
auction sell <item> [<minbid>] <category>
   stores item in the auction house, asking for minbid coins at least. If
   no minbid is given, the value of the item is taken instead. The category
   in which to place must be given.

hide <item> [<minbid>] <category> -- or --
auction hide <item> [<minbid>] <category>
   In contrast to auction sell, auctions ran by auction hide do not display
   the name of the seller, i.e. the seller remains anonymous.

info <category> #nr -- or --
auction info <category> #nr
    performs an identify on the stored item.

list <category> [<item or #nr>] -- or --
auction list <category> [<item or #nr>]
    Display stored items for sale in specified category. Display only matching
    items if a keyword or number is specified.
    This command only displays an overview of the matching item(s).

view <category> [<item or #nr>] -- or --
auction view <category> [<item or #nr>]
    In contrast to list this command performs a verbose display of the 
    matching item(s).

remove <category> #nr -- or --
auction remove <category> #nr
    Remove specified item from the running auction. Removing an item is only
    possible if
    o it is not sold yet,
    o and the auction over, 
    o or the auction is still within the first (rl) day.

receive -- or --
auction receive
    Fetch items which are in storage at the auction house.

bid <category> #nr <max-amount> -- or --
auction bid <category> #nr <max-amount>
    Bid for an item in storage in specified category. The bid only specifies
    the maximum amount you are willing to pay. The auction house keeps the
    bid as low as possible automatically, and tops other bidders as long as
    it stays under the max-amount you have specified automatically.

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At the board:

look auctions
    Displays an overview of currently running auctions.

look auctions <category> [#idx|keyword]
    Displays running auctions within specified category.
    If no number or keyword is specified, display an overview of the category,
    else display only matching or specified item(s).
See Also: auction, noauction, shops
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