A multi-themed online text adventure


This is a brief history of MultiMUD written July 2002 by Aragorn, Implementor 

It was in the year 1994 that some players of the Circle-based MUD R.o.M. 
decided that the development in that MUD was not to their liking and the
would dare to open their own game. After the source was installed and 
compiled, a bare CircleMUD with a handful of standard zones was up and 
running for testing purposes in fall 1994. The plan behind the MUD was that 
it should offer zones of all variations - from fantasy/medieval to sci-fi. 

In the next half year the code-base was modified to a 60 level system, 
character generation MkI was developed and several features were added to 
the code. The main work, however, went into creation of zones, especially 
the MUDs hometown, Freyburg - which is sort of a medieval/recent mix of the 
real city of Freiburg, where the MUD server is located. 

Members of the initial crew were for example Fulmen, Rand, Omm and Ginger. 
It was in May, 1995 that the MUD was officially opened to the public and 
ads were posted in newsgroups. For most of 1995 the lands of the realm were 
only sparsely populated and dedicated players of that time found lots of 
bugs and typos and some of them eventually became immortals - like Skar, 
Kain, Maruk, Nork or Reyon and Smahil. 

The very first clan were the Paladins, who prepared the way for all the 
others that should come after them. In the old days there were heroes to be
seen in the lands of which legends still tell - and the more recent heroes 
sometimes still try to live up to them :) It was also relatively early in 
the history of the realm that evil found a way to establish itself and there
was fighting between good and evil ever since. 

Whereas in 1995 to 1997 the main emphasis lay on creation of a lot of zones
that are original to MultiMUD, in the recent years working on the code 
became more important. In the early days of heavy source modifications Kilian
was one of the main coders, later Aldarion, Thalura, Gothmog, Tlaloc, Vignard
and Marvin coded a lot. 

But still zone creation was important and we have and had creators who built 
and supervised a lot of zones, like Reyon, Vlad, Faery, Thalura, Harmony or 
Roy. Still other immortals put a lot of work into questing, like Roy or Nork. 

The MUD has seen a lot of changes and also of RL happening, like friendship,
marriage, hatred and even death. Players and immortals alike have come and 
gone and we have seen the fall and sometimes uprising again of more than one
immortal. I would like to thank all the players and the immortals who gave or
even lived their part to MultiMUD over the years. Keep on rocking ! 

Aragorn, son of Arathorn, heir to Isildur and Elendil
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