A multi-themed online text adventure


Having existed for well over 10 years, Multimud has had many people 
contribute to it.  What follows is by no means an exhaustive list but we
hope nobody has been missed out.

First of all, the most credit must go to ARAGORN who started this mud way
back in 1995.  He put in a tremendous amount of effort into this mud through
coding, building,  administrative tasks as well as hosting it. It also has to 
be acknowledged that as time passed and he was no longer able to devote as 
much time as he wanted to that he graciously continued to host the mud and 
allowed others to continue to develop it further.

Current coders are:
  Benden                            Gothmog
Former coders are:
  Fulmen (Dirk Raebiger)            Smahil (Michael Fischer)
  Aldarion (Dominique Bouveron)     Faery (Cyril Ronseaux)
  Thalura (Beate Razen)             Tlaloc (Thomas Klein)
  Kilian (Thomas Katzlberger)       Johor (Thomas Krautz)
Other Greater Gods are:
  Reyon (Simon Kohler)               Vlad (Arnaud Graube)
  Vasil (Rodney Thomas)              Cavedweller (Coleen Deery)

Special thanks go to: Medea (Jeremy Hess), Karl (of RoM), Chris Dickey,
Josh Rantane, Thorgal (Empre Impraimoglou, aka Oberon). 

Credits for individual zones can be found at Freyburg Tourist Information 
and in Mos Eisley Tourist Information for the SF zones.

Below is a list of all current and previous immortals.

Aldarion, Alodar, Astiesan, Bandaar, Baron, Belraph, Benden, Bonnie, Boron, 
Caoin, Cavedweller, Christian, Darquiel, Djinn, Dorrin, Faery, Ginger, 
Gothmog, Gronk, Harmony, Hobold, Hortensia, Janne, Jockel, Jopin, Jorus, 
Kabat, Kain, Kham, Kilian, Laurana, Leto, Lich, Logan, Martian, Maruk, 
Marvin, Moon, Morbis, Navaar, Nork, Omm, Palinur, Pars, Rand, Reyon, Roy, 
Ruby, Sabach, Seeker, Shayla, Shevarash, Skar, Smahil, Sneaker, Sonia, 
Spaces, Sturm, Tarji, Thabor, Thalura, Thorgal, Tlaloc, Vasil, Vignard, 
Vlad, Yeti, Zeus.
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