A multi-themed online text adventure

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MULTI MUD is a highly modified version of CircleMUD (see help circlemud).  
It was opened officially by Aragorn (Stefan Rensing) on 1st of May 1995.  
Originally the mud was hosted on a SUN Sparcstation Ultra1 located in
Freiburg, Germany.  This server was affectionately known as Uhura.
In the summer of 2005, MultiMUD moved to a brand new home on a server 
generously provided by Smahil.  A full history can be found by reading
help multi-history.

MULTI MUD can be connected to via multimud.net 4242 or 4242. 
And the website can be found at http://www.multimud.net

A full list of current active contributors can be seen via the immlist and 
wizlist commands.

Further you can also read multi-credits for a more complete list of 
contributors, past and present.
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