A multi-themed online text adventure


The standard currency in Multimud is gold coins.  Gold is useful for all the 
usual things you might expect, buying items, paying for lockers, bribing 
people, boasting about and so on.

You can find how much gold you carrying by typing gold.  In addition you can
store gold in a bank by visiting your nearest ATM (see help bank).

When interacting with money you generally use the format "<amount> coins".
For example

> Give 100 coins Fred

...would give 100 gold coins to Fred.

When referring to gold you may also use short hand forms "k" and "m". For 
example you could type 

> Drop 100000 coins

...but you can also do...

> Drop 100k coins

Similarly you could do...

> Auction bid 1m

...instead of..

> Auction bid 1000000

You can also combine "k" and "m" with decimal points to use terms like
0.7m, 0.001k.
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