A multi-themed online text adventure


Here are some basic hints to help you get started on your first missions.

-The first task of any mission should be to locate the areas in which the
 mission will take place.  The best way to do this is to utilise freyburg
 townhall.  The explorer there has travelled the world and has knowledge
 of nearly every zone, if you ask him about the zone you need to find then
 he will give you a hint as to where it is.
-To the east of the explorer is Tourist Information, here you can find 
 several maps and a zone list that will help you locate the zone.  Further
 you can also visit the lands section of the website.
 http://www.multimud.net/maps contains several detailed maps of the world.
-If your mission requires that you search for information do not forget
 that rooms can have extra descriptions that can hold valuable information.
 Usually they are marked in the room descriptions, but sometimes there are
 some sneaky hidden ones too!
See Also: missions, reward, mission
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