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mail check receive email

The commands used by the MULTI MUD Mail System (MMMS) are MAIL, CHECK, and
RECEIVE.  These commands can only be used while in an Official MMMS Post
Office. From an Official MMMS Post Office you can also send email to those
who have registered an email address with their character.

To write mail to Quifael:
> mail quifael

To check and see if you have any mail waiting:
> check

To ask the Postmaster to give you your mail, if you have any waiting:
> receive

To send email (any item of type note, including mudmail) to someone:
> send <object> <person>

To register your own email address joebiden08@usa.com:
> use joebiden08@usa.com

To delete your registered email:
> use

To check your registered email address:
> list

To check whether someone else has an email address registered:
> list <person>

Stamps cost 100 coins.

To mail the immortal/GrGod mailbox use:
> mail immo <subject>
> mail grgod <subject>
e.g. mail immo Big problems with my stats
See Also: editor, messages
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