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magic user mage

Mages are well known for their powerful destructive and violent magic, but
also for having a weak physique. Due to this, mages have researched charming
magic in the past which makes it possible to let monsters fight each other
instead of the mage. Nowadays this charming magic can be learned in several
magic schools.
The prime stats of a mage are intelligence, charisma and wisdom. For those
who choose the path of might after level 60, dexterity comes handy. Mages
have researched a useful spell which increases their strength, so no mage
needs to practice bodybuilding.

After level 60 a mage can remort into the following classes:
  -  Spellsword (Mage/Warrior)
  -  Monk       (Mage/Thief)
  -  Wizard     (Mage/Cleric)
  -  Sorcerer   (Mage/Mage)
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