A multi-themed online text adventure

locker lockers

There are certain rooms that contain lockers to store your eq.
In each of these rooms there is a sign with information on that
particular locker, e.g.:
| Kerofk Locker           |
|                         |
| You may store a maximum |
| of 30 objects in these  |  <- Can store max. 30 items here
| lockers. The weekly     |
| rent price is 80000     |  <- Have to pay 80000 coins per week
| coins. You may only pay |
| for 10 weeks in advance.|  <- Can pay for max. 10 weeks in advance

If you look at a locker, you will see what you have stored in it.
Use get <item> locker to get an item out of it, use put <item> locker
to place something in it. (at the moment only get all locker is working)

Use PUT COINS IN SLOT to rent a locker, use the command several times to
pay in advance for more than one week.
Also try LOOK SLOT to see for how many more weeks your locker is payed.

Finally, if your locker has gone into the negative, it will not be deleted,
so you can recover your equipment from there. If you prefer to not spend
the money, you can get rid of your locker by using JUNK LOCKER and will
be presented with a fresh start.

Lockers may be interconnected, e.g. if you store something in Freyburg
you may retrieve it in Kerofk and vice versa !
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