A multi-themed online text adventure


If you'd like to see what items a shop has for sale, take a look at the
list.  The list contains all of the items currently for sale and in
what quantity.  The price for each item is also listed.  If you are
interested in a particular type of item, you can specify which items to
list. Information as from which level on you are allowed to use the
items is provided as well.
> list             (list all items for sale)
> list sword       (list all swords for sale)
> list -arms       (list all items which can be worn on arms)
> list -15     (list all items with max minlevel 15)
> list +5          (list all items with min minlevel 5)
> list -15 +5 sleeves (list all sleeves in level range 5-15)
See Also: sell, buy, value, shops
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