A multi-themed online text adventure


From time to time you may experience delays in sending and receiving text
from the mud.  This is very noticable when you type and a command and don't
receive any response for several seconds.  This effect is commonly known
as lag.

Lag is entirely due to the nature of the internet and not a problem of the
mud or within the control of the immortals.  The mud itself will never lag
as it uses such a small amount of the resources of the server the mud sits

When you are connected to the mud, the text you send and receive is sent
back and forth along a route, anywhere along this route there might be
problems that cause your information to pass that point more slowly
than normal.  Hence you get the effect of lag.  If the problem is very
close to the mud server then everybody might get lagged.  But if its only
along the route from the US for example, then only players from the US
would experience lag where as europeans might be able to play without

In summary, lag is not a problem of the mud nor do admins have any control
over it.
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