A multi-themed online text adventure

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Inns are places where the weary traveler may rest while the innkeeper looks
after his equipment and treasure.

Specifically, the game will save your equipment while you are logged out.
There is a daily cost for renting, based on your equipment.  Each item has
a per diem charge.  The per diem charge is calculated to the nearest second,
however -- if you rent at the rate of 2400 coins per day, and you come back
39 hours later, you will be charged 3900 coins.
If you drop your link (or lose it) you will be force-rented after some
idle time. The force-rent is twice as high as the normal rent!

A CRYOGENIC CENTER will store your items for a one-time charge of four
days rent.

Rent files are deleted if you run out of money to pay the per diem charges
or after:
level of player      days idle
 1                    4
 2-4                  7
 5-10                 30
 11-60                60
 immo                 90
 gods, cryo           120

Note that your player file gets deleted as well if you are idle !!!
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