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Syntax: iignore <target>
Syntax: iignore IP:Port

The IIGNORE command blocks incoming traffic directed at a specific user on the mud.
It also prevents them from being displayed on such lists as who, and channel who.
This is your first line of defense against an annoying pest.
You can specify ignores either specifically or with wildcards, like so:

iignore pest@mud
iignore *@mud
iignore pest@*
iignore IP:Port

The IP type of ignore can only be specified as an IP and port, taken from the mud's
current mudinfo data. This will block anyone current and future who logs into that
mud IP and port from ever sending you traffic.

Before going to the mud's administration with a complain, you should attempt to make
an ignore work for you. If the particular person is still causing problems or is
making a nuisance of themselves to several people, advise your mud administration
that they may need to pursue an IBAN against the person or mud in question.
Be prepared to show proper documentation of any incidents to support your case.
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