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The HOUSE command is used to add or remove guests from your house's guest
list.  You must be standing in your house to use this command.  Only the
primary owner of a house (not guests) may change the guest list using the
HOUSE command.

Usage: house [<player name>]

Typing 'house' with no arguments gives a list of the people currently on
your house's guest list.  Typing 'house' with the name of a player will add
that player to your guest list if the player is not on the list, or will
remove the player from the guest list if the player is already on the list.
The player specified must be in the player database for the MUD, although
he or she does not necessarily have to be logged on at the time.

Guests of your house will be able to enter your house until you remove them
from the guest list.
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