A multi-themed online text adventure

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Playerhomes are available after from level 11 at the secretary in
Freyburg Town Hall. 

The rent is collected from your bank account automatically. If you
don't have the money on your bank account the house will be sold back
to the secretary.

Houses are a status symbol, they are only for the rich.....

- See help prices for the approximate costs
- Buy and sell your homes at the secretary, if you buy a home
  please note the number of the home (should you like to sell it)
- Playerhomes of more than one room size are NOT supported.
- It is always a good idea to type save in your house after you
  dropped your eq !

A house entails two things: access control and crash protection.  Only 
you and your guests will be allowed to enter the house.  Your house will 
be crash-saved every five minutes.  You can force your house to save by 
typing 'save' while standing in your house.
In the event of a crash, the objects in your house as of the last crash-save
will be loaded back into your house when the MUD reboots. If you quit the
game from anywhere (with no equipment) you will enter back in your home.

Guests of your house can be defined using the HOUSE command.  See HOUSE for
more information.

Houses are an alternative to renting.  You can simply enter your house and
quit after you have dropped your stuff. You can store approx. 30 items in
the house.  Of course, players must expect to pay a much higher premium for 
the convenience of houses; see sign at secretary in Freyburg Town Hall.
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