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halfelf half-elf half elf

Halfelves are the offspring of a human and an elf. Most are born from human
raids into elven lands, but some are the result of an elf and human 
partnership. This is a rare occasion, for though elves are very beautiful to
humans, they are aloof, and rarely mix with others. This dubious background 
makes most halfelves bitter and so they remain loners, not wanting to be part
of any culture, where they do not feel welcome. They are usually ferocious and 
untrusting, and make good allies if you can gain their respect. They look 
much like humans, except they are slimmer and more comely, with slightly
elven features. They mix the good qualities of both races, and are very 
versatile. Half-Elves can be pretty much adapt to any profession.
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