A multi-themed online text adventure


Usage : GROUP [player]
        GROUP all
        GROUP on
        GROUP off

GROUP with no arguments shows the status of your group.  GROUP <player>
adds or removes <player> from your group.  GROUP ALL adds everyone who is
following you to your group (if possible).

GROUP ON will make you follow your leader (the default), GROUP OFF will
make you stop following your leader. If a group leader issues these commands,
it's as if each group-member did group on respectively group off.

If you are a group member, then you will share experience points for killing
monsters equally among the group. Experience points will only be shared among
group members that are in the same location, at the time of the killing
blow. Sharing is regardless of whether the group members have been
participating in the fight. A group will get more experience from a mob than
if each member would be killing it alone.

To make a group, a "leader" must be selected. All members of the group
must then "follow" the leader using the follow command. The leader should
NOT follow anyone at all! The leader can now toggle group membership for
each player in the group, by using "group <player-name>" (or "group all").
The leader should remember to include himself in the group.

You can't group people more than 5 levels above or below your own.


Quifael and Redferne wishes to group with Dragon.

Quifael : "follow dragon"
Redferne: "follow dragon"
(Dragon should be following no one but himself)
Dragon  : "group dragon"
Dragon  : "group redferne"
Dragon  : "group quifael"
(or : "group all")

Later when Dragon get upset at Quifael (because he is sleeping all the time)
he types : "Ungroup Quifael" to kick Quifael out of the group.

Some words :
Leader   : The guy who leads the group. Every group member if following the
Follower : All group members but the leader.
Tanker   : The character who attacks the opponent of the group, and who
receive the attacks of the mob. 

There are some nice command to know when you are in a group :
AUTOSPLIT : splits any amount of gold you find among all players of the group.
DIAGNOSE  : can be used to check the condition of the group tanker.
See Also: ungroup, exp, xp, experience
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