A multi-themed online text adventure

announce grats nograts

Syntax: announce
Syntax: announce <text>
Syntax: announce *social
Syntax: grats
Syntax: grats <text>
Syntax: grats *social
Syntax: nograts

Announce and grats are the channels for announcing your latest greatest
deeds and getting credit for it. Level, degree, quest accomplishment 
announcements and fishing for compliments should exclusively happen on
these channels (so that us busy immortals don't get overwhelmed and annoyed
by your progress).

Using announce or grats without arguments shows you the previous 
traffic on the channels (those are two different channels!). Announce or
grats with an argument broadcasts that argument to everybody on the channel.
If your text begins with an asterisk followed immediately by the name of a
social, the text from the social is inserted and sent over the channel instead 
(please note that targetting for socials does not work there, also socials sent
this way do not get recorded into the respective channel history).

Nograts, finally, toggles your participation on both channels on and off.
You can always check which channels you are listening to by using TOGGLE.

> announce Level!
> grats Wheee .._/^^ TOM ^^\_..
> announce *boast
> grats
> announce
> nograts
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