A multi-themed online text adventure

gossip nogossip

Syntax: gossip
Syntax: gossip <text>
Syntax: gossip *social
Syntax: nogossip

Gossip is the general everyday rubbish talk reaching everybody who has no
(Nogossip) flag on. It can be used for about every purpose, although it is
preferrable to use one of the other special purpose global communication
channels if one is applicable, e.g. ANNOUNCE for announcing things, GRATS
for congratulating, AUCTION for selling etc.

Using gossip without arguments shows you the previous traffic on the channel.
Gossip with an argument broadcasts that argument to everybody on the channel.
If your text begins with an asterisk followed immediately by the name of a
social, the text from the social is inserted and gossipped instead (please
note that targetting for socials does not work there, also socials via gossip
do not get recorded into the channel history).

Nogossip, finally, toggles your participation on the channel on and off.
When you're not listening, everybody will see that by the (Nogossip) flag
on the who list. You can always check which channels you are listening to
by using TOGGLE.

> gossip Hey, is that a short sword on your belt or are you happy to see me?
> gossip *evilgrin
> gossip
> nogossip
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