A multi-themed online text adventure


If you are in a fight and things are beginning to get a little uncomfortable
(maybe you are dying), just type 'flee', and presto! you are out of harm's
way - that is, IF there is a suitable exit nearby, and IF that exit doesn't
simply bring you from the ashes to the fire... but then, who wants to live
Remember that fleeing will let you lose exp (other than retreat).  If you are
over level 40, fleeing can result in you being overcome with fear, meaning
that if you try to fight again soon afterwards you will flee again.
You will lose half of the enemies max. hit points multiplied with the enemies
level, up to a maximum of 125k exp. Newbies until level 10 lose less exp when 

If you want not to die so easily, and like to flee, you should consider using
the WIMP command.
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