A multi-themed online text adventure


Players sometimes have FLAGS after their names in the WHO list.  These
flags are always in parentheses, not brackets or braces.

----------- ---------------------------------------------------------
(KILLER)    Player is trying to kill other players.  That means you
            can try to kill him/her without being flagged.
(THIEF)     Player is trying to steal from other players.  Fire away.
(outlaw)    Player is an outlaw, see help on outlaws for details.
(invis)     Player is invisible; you can see him/her because you are
            sensitive to the presence of invisible things.
(writing)   Player is writing on the board; do not disturb.
(mailing)   Player is writing mail; do not disturb.
(nogossip)  Player has chosen not to hear the gossips. 
(notell)    Player has chosen not to accept tells.
(quest)     Player is participating in a quest currently being run by
            the Gods.
(mission)   Player is currently fulfilling a mission of the gods.
(Avatar)    Player is an Avatar - see help avatars.
(Veteran)   Player is a Veteran - see help veterans.
(blonde)    Player did behave somehow pretty stupid.
(Retired)   Player is an immortal who isn't active anymore.

In addition, the members of a clan are allowed to carry the name of
there clan in their title, like [PALADINS]. Only the chieftain may
use the form [[RANGERS]].
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