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fireweapon fireweapons

Fireweapons (crossbows, rifles, blasters, grenade launchers) are defined by: 
- the type of ammunition they need,
- the damage they do,
- the hit probability,
- the number of shots they contain.

Damage is based upon all these factors, in addition the natural number
of attacks a char has will influence damage.  The formula for this is
(damage / 4) * natural number of attacks.  Natural attacks are attacks
that the char gains directly from a skill, ie second/third/fourth attack.
This rule only applies when the character is fighting, when initiating a 
fight with shoot your first shot will give maximum damage of that weapon.

For a mob fighting a PC the dam is reduced (1/2 if level < 30, 1/3 if level
< 40, 1/5 if level < 50 and 1/6 if level < 60). Fireweapon equipped mobs
are still dangerous, though!

You need the shoot skill to use fireweapons. Fireweapons can be refilled
if you have the right type of ammunition.
See Also: shoot, refill
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