A multi-themed online text adventure


Fairies are small, tiny creatures that look exactly like tiny humans with
beautiful butterfly wings. There are both male and female fairies and they
not only look like tiny humans, in a lot of ways they act like humans. 
Fairies enjoy spending their time playing games, flying through the air, 
and casting silly spells on unaware targets. They can't stand orcs, ogres,
trolls, hobgoblins, or gnolls and will go out of their way to annoy,
pester and drive away any of these creatures that they see. The fairies are
organized into a large kingdom of their own, with a king and queen, though 
most of their internal affairs are not witnessed by non-fairie folk. 
Being small, fairies are weak in physical combat and often lack strength. 
However their magical capabilities are endless and they excell in being
stealthy and sneaky.
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