A multi-themed online text adventure

dungeons underworld

Only recently we've had to start dealing with the evil forces of Lord
Thador who is trying to take over our world.
Now a new threat has appeared... All over our continents strange things
have been happening. Numerous people have told stories about creatures
as black as the night attacking them. We have found out that their origins
lie in dungeons deep within our earth. Although all links between the
underworld and ours are usually closed, Thador has somehow managed
to open them up again...
Quickly summoned seers of the realm have validated the terrible reality.
If you dare and you are brave enough to venture into the dungeons, then
find a seer who can tell you the latest openings to the dungeons.
You will be rewarded.

WARNING! The dungeons are not considered fair at all. If you go in, don't
         complain if you die or loose something.
See Also: stones, seer
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