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Duergar are about the same size as dwarves but less muscled. Their eyes, 
accustomed to the darkness, are larger and have pale skin. Instead of 
ending in normal fingernails, many  duergar have developed claw-like 
talons. Their beard and hair often is white or silver. Unlike their distant
cousins, the dwarves they are on the evil side and are often pacted with the
drow elves. Like their surface dwelling cousins, they too are grand craftsmen,
and they make fierce sturdy warriors. However, their dark nature has brought
them also closer to the magical arts for which they have a greater affinity
than dwarves. There is no respect or love between both races and often 
dwarven settlements are victim to duergar raids, who find slaughtering for
gold a faster way than mine for it.
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