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See help on duel for a full explanation of what duelling is about.

Command:       duel challenge <char> <gold|item>

To challenge a char to a duel use this command.  You may offer gold or an
item as a prize to tempt your target into accepting.  The minimum amount of
gold you may offer is (your level + your target's level) * 800.  So for
2 level 60s the minimum is 96000 gold coins.


duel challenge fred 120000
duel challenge arthur belt

Command:                duel info

When a duel has been offered(or is in progress), duel info can be used to
see the current status.  Before the duel starts, it will show general
information about the duellers (level, class, duel rank etc.) plus any
prizes and bets they have been offered.  When a duel is actually taking
place this command will show the status/health of the combatants, plus
any relevant information such as sleeping, fighting, blinded.

Command:                duel reject

If you have been offered a duel you may use this command to reject it
straight away rather than let the offer expire.

Command:                duel accept

If you have been offered a duel you may use this command to accept it.

Command:                duel add <gold|item>

Add is for increasing the duel prize on offer.  You may add items or
gold to it.  The winner of the duel will receive all the prizes on offer.


duel add 200000
duel add sword

Command:                duel bet <dueller> <amount of gold>

Before a duel has actually started you may bet on the outcome.
The minimum bet is base upon your level, for a level 60 the minimum is
30000 gold coins.  If the person you bet on wins the duel, then you will
receive your stake back plus a percentage of the gold that was bet on the 
loser relative to how much of the total bets was yours,


duel bet fred 45432
duel bet arthur 30000

Command:                duel view <char>

View gives a little information about a char before a challenge is made
such as their class, level and duel rank.
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