A multi-themed online text adventure

duel duelling challenge

The duel is a test of one's strength, honour, cunning and determination.
You may call upon a duel at any time against anyone, within the 5 level

The challenge will always be backed by a sum of money or an item of value.
The minimum amount of gold that can be offered is 800 * the combined levels
of the participants (eg 96000 for 2 level 60s).  Spectators may also bet 
upon the outcome of the duel.
Once a challenge is accepted, the involved parties will have a 5 tick 
timeframe to prepare themselves.  During the preparation time this price can 
be added to further by anybody.  In this situation the minimum amount of gold 
that can be added is 300 * the combined levels of the participants (eg 36000 
for 2 level 60s).  He who stands victorious after the battle will receive the 
full price that has been laid down.

After the preparation time has elapsed those involved will be magically 
transported to the Arena of the Colisseum, where an audience readily awaits a 
spectacle and where the only exit is death or victory!

Commands:       duel challenge <char> <gold|item>
                duel info
                duel reject
                duel accept
                duel add <gold|item>
                duel bet <dueller> <amount of gold>
                duel view <char>

See help on duelcommands for explanations and examples of usage.
See Also: duelcommands, noduel
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