A multi-themed online text adventure

die dying dt death-trap

If you happen to die - unfortunately - you will re-enter the game at
the start room. Your eq will still be in your corpse, so if you are
quick enough you may get it back. You will lose half of the exp you
need from your current level to the next one, up to a maximum of 250k.
(Example: Sepp is level 10, he will lose 150k - 80k = 70k / 2 = 35k
experience; Laura is level 50 but will lose only 250k instead of 500k
for 14M - 13M = 1M / 2 = 500k).

Death-traps are places that are so bad for your health that you die
immediately when entering them. All death-traps have appropriate room
descriptions, so you better read them (type exit) and don't complain
afterwards. If you die in a DT you will lose all your !rent eq, keys
you carry, and your eq will break (needing repair afterwards if it is
QUEST or MAGIC, or replacement else). Finally, you will lose some experience
points, depending on your level. You will lose all the experience points
acquired in your current level, and level/15 levels worth of experience
points more (1..14: 0, 15..29: 1, 30..44: 2, 45..59: 3, 60: 4 additional
levels worth of exp lost). See the levels command for an idea of how
much that entails. If you are level 60 and have degrees to show for,
you will lose 5% of them.

If you die because your transport is expired (e.g. a disintegrating
raft on high sea, a balloon without gas, a plane without fuel ...)
you will die like in a death-trap.

There is absolutely no need to and sense in deleting a char and re-
creating it after you died!
See Also: wimpy, levels, flee, wimp, retreat
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