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drow elf

Drows have an evil society that lives underground in caverns that go on like
labyrinths with many traps to prevent unwelcome visitors. The society is 
matriarchal, with the female elves being in charge of everything, and male 
elves usually little more than breeding slaves, laborers, and sword bait.
Drows follow the goddess of the many eyes, whose name is unspeakable, and 
is called only The Dark One. Her unholy symbol is of a large black spider
with multiple eyes. She is also called The Queen of Spiders. Drows on the 
surface face a variety of challenges. Sunlight causes them discomfort and
prolonged exposure to it will eventually result in physical damage. Another
big challenge to the surface dwelling drow is the great prejudice almost
all surface dwelling races have towards them. Drows as a primarily evil 
society have caused a lot of strife to other races. They are strong fighters,
but their true calling lies in the use of magic.
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