A multi-themed online text adventure


All available communication channels.....

Newbie   - THE channel for asking general questions - everyone having this
           channel turned on will hear it.
Say      - All persons in the same room can listen to what you 'say'
Gsay     - All persons of the same group can talk to each other
Tell     - Use 'tell' to talk with a single person somewhere in the mud - no
           one else can listen to this channel 
Whisper  - 'whisper' something to one person in the same room - the others
           will just see that you're whispering.
Shout    - Used to reach all persons of the same zone
Gossip   - Usually the best channel to reach everyone in the mud
Holler   - Everyone will hear this channel apart from people in soundproof
           rooms. There is no way to turn this channel off. Cost: 20 Movement
Clantalk - Talk with people of the same clan
Rsay     - Talk with people of the same race
Grats    - Used to announce & congratulate levels and other stuff
Qsay     - Talk with people having (quest) turned on
Auction  - The channel to sell several types of items (some types of items
           cannot be auctioned)
Ooc      - Global channel for talking about non-mud related things

Some of these channels can be toggled on and off, some are turned on by
default - read the help on the specific channel.
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